Variety representation
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The main phylosophy of Agromag is having our own varieties. That basicly means representing foreign breeders in Hungary but in the last few years we represent varieties of Hungarian breedres in Hungary. We also started to test and represent some Hungarian varieties in abroad. We domesticate and represent varieties from the following species:

  • maize
  • sunflower
  • winter wheat
  • spring wheat
  • winter barley
  • spring barley
  • triticale
  • soybean
  • hemp
  • oat

Agromag directly tests the varieties and handle the official registration procedure. We test 150-200 varieties in different level of trials each year. Today we represent 50 varieties of the above mentioned species. We have been producing and selling the seed directly of the represented varieties of the above mentioned species for 15 years.


Our biggest breeder partners are: Maisadour Semences, Poljoprivredni Institut Osijek, GK Kht. Szeged, Institut za Ratarstvo i Povrtarstvo Novi Sad, KRF Fleischmann Rudolf Kutat├│int├ęzet Kompolt, RAGT Cech, Istropol Solary, Bc Institut Zagreb.