Dear Inquirer,

Agromag Ltd. is mainly a seed company actively involved in representing different varieties of the most important field crops in Hungary. From winter barley we have a quite a broad portfolio the best in Hungary.

There is a serious breeding background behind us. We also have possibility to represent Hungarian breeds abroad, all around the EU. The most important ones are the barley varieties of Fleishmann Rudolf Research Institute, Kompolt. KH Tas is one of the most productive and most reliable winter barley variety in Middle-Europe.

We are looking for foreign partners who would use our material after testing. This brochure sums up the results of autumn barley experiments set up at our company’s entrusted entrepreneurs in several production sites over the past two growing season.

The 2017/2018 season proved to be very hectic due to the weather. The ripening occurred sooner so harvests started sooner than usual. The national average yields were around 5.2 t/ha but in our experiments our varieties gave mush higher yields.

This year’s winner is Patina – our six-row barley variety which we offer for grain production. KH Rudolf, Faktor and KH Hunor varieties were also outstanding they produced a yield level of over 9 t/ha in the experiment set up in Szalánta.

We can offer seeds for malting and feeding barley  production. For the producers for brewing industry we recommend Eger, KH Korsó and Amazon varieties. These two-row varieties can exceed the yield of several high yielding  six-row barley varieties.

Eger is a new item in our portfolio with good productivity and adaptability. Thanks to its small height its stem strength is excellent and does not tend to lodge.

In the 2016/2017 season, nature was more gracious with the producers. This year our varieties could better utilize their genetic potential. In the average of several trial sites KH Korsó produced almost 9 t/ha yield. This variety is excellent for brewing and also for grain production. Under favorable conditions the Faktor, Patina, KH Kárpátia, KH Tas and KH Korsó varieties can exceed 10 t/ha yield. At the same time they can reach 4-6 t/ha averages in poorer quality soils.

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